Tutorial Christmas Reindeer mini cake

圣诞麋鹿 ( 白色是巧克力哦..不是什么洋葱..) (¯―¯٥)


Basic Pound cake🎂
Cake flour 80g
Baking powder 1g
Butter 80g
Egg 80g
Fine sugar 80g

Preheat oven at 180 degree

1, Shifted dry ingredients together( cake flour + baking powder )
2, Use another bowl beat butter and sugar together until pale white, or until the sugar dissolve
3, Then mix in the egg, abit by abit. Until well Incorporated.
4, Last, fold in the dry ingredients into the batter, use rubber spatular to fold juat to combine, not too over fold. Will caused the cake not fluffy.
5, Pour into a square cake pan bake 15~30 min checking method is use a toothpick to poke into the cake , if got cake batter stick on the toothpick means its not done yet.
6, Once it's done, unmould put on Cooling rack
7, Cut the cake into 3inch by 3inch, ( here i use 2 layer of cake only)

🍴Basic buttercream🍴

Butter 100g
Icing sugar 40g

1, All ingredients mix together then use whish to beat until smooth.

🍫Chocolate 🍫
Compound white and dark chocolate

Mini gold pearl ball springklers

🥜Chocolate peanut coating🥜
Without skin Peanut
Compound dark chocolate

1, roast the peanut on 180 degree around 10~15min ( checking method is - when u open the oven, u can smell the peanut fragrance, and it's got abit roasted brown colour on it)
2, cool down the peanut then mix into a melted dark chocolate

White chocolate garnish
1, prepare a transparent plastic sheet, pour chocolate on top, spread it evenly. Use a brush scraper to scrap the line on top, then cruve it when it's not fully dry.
2, let it set about 15min in the fridge.
3, Unmould carefully

🦌Reindeer Decorating chocolate🦌
1, Trace any image to a parchment paper using pancil
2, use dark chocolate put into a piping bag, slowly "draw" on top of the parchment paper.
3, when it's full dry just can unmould.
4, paint some edible gold on it. Gold powder must use lemon extract to dilude. Or u can dry paint the gold powder.

㊙️Assamble ㊙️

1, line the cake then frost a layer of butter Cream, not too many if not very sweet.
2, put in fridge around 30min or freezer 15min to harden.
3, melted the chocolate peanut coat. Make sure your cake put on a Colling rack. Then Pour a layer on top of the cake.
4, let it dry, use abit of dark chocolate to stick the reindeer on top of the cake
5, Deco with some chocolate garnish and sprinklers

1, Use compound chocolate No need to temper. If using coverture chocolate Need to temper until 29 degree
2,Use microwave melt the chocolate is more safety than double boil method ( double boil method got chances of the vapor will go into chocolate)
3,Compound Chocolate is made by Vege oil no have cocoa butter. So is a big NO to add any drop on water inside of the chocolate.
4, when you handle the reindeer must be becareful if you got a pair of warm hand
5, Can put any colourful sprinklers will bring out the coLour contrast.
6, Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting coated with peanut chocolate ( very yummy, I love it very much )


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