Tutorial Basic Meringue

Meringue can be Creative! 
Learn From the Basic. You can make your own design Meringues!!

 To satisfy all the sweet tooth!!!!
 * Caution* This treats contain massive Sugar!!

🎈Equipment and tools 🎈

1, Hand mixer or Stand Mixer
2, Rubber Spatular ( require few if you got different colour)
3, Parchment Paper/ Baking paper/ Wax paper
4, Edible colouring
5, Any Sprinklers ( here using Crystal sugar sprinklers)
6, Flat Baking Tray
7, Oven
8, Pot
9, Industrial cooker or stove
10, Piping Bag
11, Piping Tip
12, Small bowl


 French Meringue

Egg white and sugar and icing sugar , ratio is 1:1:1
Egg White  50g
Sugar          50g
Icing Sugar 50g

1, Beat the all the ingredient until medium to hard peak. Until you can see a "Eagle Peak stage"

Italian Meringue  

Required Stand mixer, sugar termometer, pot, industrial cooker

Egg white and sugar , ratio is 1:1

 Egg White 50g
Sugar          50g
water          50g~100g

1, Boil sugar and water to 118 degree
2, At the same time, Whip Egg white at the low speed (don't over whip while cooking the sugar)
3, Pour in the cooked sugar into meringue and whip on high speed until White, Shiny and reaches Room Temperature the mixing bowl. ( roughly took 8~10minutes, depend the speed of the mixer)

Swiss Meringue

Required Pot, industrial cooker 

Egg white and sugar , ratio is 1:2

Egg White 50g
Icing Sugar 100g

1, Set up Bain-marie or double-boil.
Slowly double boil until 65 to 80 degree ( too HOT woll become cooked eggwhite)
2, Off heat.
Start Whipping egg whites and add in icing sugar slowly until it become White and Shiny.

🚫Don't over beat, because will incorporate took many air inside the Meringues will caused cracks on the Meringues after you baked it.
🚫 Don't under beat, if not the meringue can't hold it shape. It will flatten too soon.

🎈Bake temperature 🎈

Bake temperature keep it between 80 degree to 120 degree. Around 1~3hr.
The lower temperature to bake the longer time it will take to dry out the meringues.
The higher the temperature the more burn colour.

🎈Storage method 🎈

You must completely dry out the meringue before you seal it or Air tight pack it. If not all the condensation will trap inside of the meringue. It will caused the meringue become crumble and fragile once you touch it.

㊙Tips ㊙
1, Egg white must be in room temperature. Chilled egg white not easily to whip up.
2, Bowl, whisk, spatular. All must be dry and clean. Put some white vinegar in kitchen towel to  wipe it.
3, Can add 1/2tsp or a pinch cream of tartar when the meringue on foamy stage. Acidity will help the meringues stable.
4, Lemon or Vinegar are substitute for cream of tartar.
5, Every oven different heat. Try different times to get your perfect meringues!

Different Between All Meringues

 French Meringues - Airy , melt in your mouth, shelf life shorter

Swiss Meringues - Stable than French Meringue, Harder shell, Shiny

Italian Meringues - Shelf life longer, Shiny, Crunchy outside, Airy and Stable 








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